Airo Electric is a unique electrical business which offers sales & service

We sell electrical supplies such as Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Switches, Receptacles, Wires, Cables, Conduit and much more, ask us for custom orders or your special needs. We'll be glad to help.

Authorized by Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario     
 - Fully licensed by Electrical safety authority     
 - Commercial Residential and Industrial Electrical Contracts     
 - Quality installation on reasonable  price     
 - Electrical troubleshooting for all sorts     
 - New Installations upgrades or Service and Maintenance      
 - Panel upgrade from fuse type to circuit breaker style          
 - knob and tube     
 - Pig tailing for aluminum wiring     
 - Business and Commercial Signs      
 - Pole lights and street lights     
 - Basement renovation     

For Free estimate please call our cell phone. 905 730 1892

Licensed Electrical contractor  - ECRA/ESA License# 7005090    
83 Bigwin Road Unit# 9
Hamilton, ON L8W 3R3        

Tel: 905-575 3816              Cell:905-730 1892   
Fax: 905-574 4084     
email: info@airoelectric.com